Thursday, March 17, 2011

Widsom Lost (actually forcibly taken)

So, I am probably a horrible mother for posting these pictures, but I have to. I can't help myself. This is a memory that needs to be preserved. And since we didn't get to bring any teeth home to leave for that dang tooth fairy, this is the best the girlies are going to get; their painful day told from their mother's perspective.

1. I was so nervous for them last night that I didn't fall asleep until 3am.
2. Getting up super early on a beautiful Spring Break morning to drive them to their pain.
3. Doubting the wisdom of deciding to do all eight teeth in one day and doing it at all while watching the requisite "person caring for the condemned" video. First feeling that I might just loose my breakfast.
4. Waiting and wondering why it was taking so long & then being taken back to the first girl coming out of her anesthetic in a very crying manner. (Said girl also having the breath of death.) Poor thing. She totally reaffirmed my belief that that type of thing is not for me. I never, ever, never, ever, ever want to be put under. Creeps me out. Second feeling that I might just loose my breakfast.
5. Sitting by that sweet girl while she asked me (the best she could through swollen, cotton filled cheeks), "Why? Why? Why did we do this?"
6. Not telling her that I was thinking the same exact thing.
7. Leaving her with her very mature oldest younger brother while I went across the little hall to wait with the other young woman, who came out of her situation in a much easier fashion. Third feeling that I just might lose my breakfast until she started laughing at me, which hurt her, so I stopped making her laugh and forgot about throwing up.
8. Not being able to understand the technician woman who was telling me to pull in to the drive by the building with two car doors facing their building so the girls would not have to walk around the car. (I think this is where my sleeplessness the previous night had the worst effect.) Fourth feeling that I just might lose my breakfast.
9. Walking out to retrieve said vehicle and fifth feeling that I just might lose my breakfast - that this time had absolutely nothing to do with wisdom teeth situation. You see, there is a Purina processing plant near the little medical center where we were. And I have a sensitive schnoz. All I can say is yuck and I am glad I didn't lose my breakfast, because that would have been bad.
10. Taking pictures of the girlies, because yesterday they asked why I didn't put more pictures of them on the blog. Now there are a few more. Yay.
11. Getting situated at home and them crashing on the couch. We let them have the prime couch spots so I could keep a good watch on them. I also made a "chart" to keep track of what I was doing with each girl, so I wouldn't mess any of the aftercare up.  I don't think I did-so far.
12. I am so tired.
13. Goodnight
14. PS- I will be getting up at 1 and 2 am to visit the girls. I will tell them hello from you. They are in their beds now.
15. PPS-Don't you just love the retro head wrap they got? I'm sure it'll be all the rage soon. They were really rocking their post-op icepack look. (They are actually really awesome-like a tube part of a tube sock with velcro to hold it on. The ice packs just slid in the tube.I'm sure they'll be getting good use in the months and years to come.)


  1. Poor, poor girls. I'm so very sorry. Give them big hugs for me. Well, soft big hugs. :)

  2. A day or two after I had mine out, I went on a road trip with my friends. I lost 6 pounds since I couldn't chew very well, but I had a blast! I wasn't about to let some teeth foul up my spring break. (Ask your Mr how he did with his. hee hee)

  3. You just crack me up. I love how you write and I so glad for you that you didn't lose your breakfast. lol
    #10 is the best. I think now they will be a little more careful what they ask for.

    I hope they are feeling better this morning. Two brave girls and one very brave mom.

    We get to do the same next month. After reading this I'm beginning to wonder about that. lol

  4. Congrats on keeping your breakfast down and good luck with the healing process. My baby is scheduled to have his out in June. Fun.

  5. If the girls give you a hard time about the pictures, tell them this story. My Mom took me to get my wisdom teeth out spring break of my senior year in highschool. At the time, she was driving a Mustang convertible. On the way home, she stopped and got me a chocolate shake. We drove with the top down, and I was actually starting to feel a little bit better. But then I realized that my shirt was all wet, and looking down I realized that the chocolate shake had been running out of my mouth and down my still-numbed face, and dripping all over me. She took one look at me, and laughed until she almost cried!

  6. I hope they thank you one day! It's much worse when your older. Good luck to you my friend!


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