Thursday, April 28, 2011

Little Mr. B Would Like to Make an Announcement

As of April 27, 2011, 9:15pm, he is no longer a baby.

He aced his "Always Changing & Growing Up" pre-test yesterday.
And the teacher gave them some "deoderant and zit repellant."
It's good that he got some repellant, because we've had a couple of those little visitors come nosing by.

Some girlies ding, dong ditched our house the other day.
It's happened once before
along with another instance of chalk writing on our driveway.
I think this time next year he will be as tall as me.
His shoes are already a bit too big.

I know the tooth fairy's really going to miss him.
If he/she ever remembers to come.
There is still a tooth in a baggie on his nightstand from a month ago.
The tooth that fell out shortly (like one day) after another tooth.
It's like his body's pushing the little boy out.
That or a dental horror show.

I think the tooth fairy is in denial
I wish the teacher'd given him some girl repellant.


  1. Girl repellent, yeah, you might need that. lol How wonderful and sad, all at the same time, that Mr. B is getting so grown up.

  2. He's growing into a fine young man. It was fun watching his performance at the honor band last night.


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