Thursday, May 19, 2011


It's storming big time right now.
There's a towel at the bottom of the front door to catch the sideways rain that threatens my wood floor.
I keep jumping at the booms shaking the window.
Thankfully we are not on a tornado watch.

Guess what?
It Thundered in Dallas tonight.

I have a theory.
We moved to Seattle.
The Sonics had a great few seasons.
We moved to San Antonio.
The Spurs had a great few seasons.
We moved to Oklahoma City.
The team formerly known as the Sonics followed us and are having a great season.
We like them.
They seem like nice guys.
And one of them geekily wears his backpack clipped in front on his chest during the post game press conferences and it is endearing and awesome.
Basketball likes us.
And if we move (which we are NOT), you can bet on our new city's team to be winners in the next couple of years.
I'm just sayin'.

The following is from The Onion Sports Network. (Just in case you don't know, The Onion is parody "news." It is not real. It is most times funny, except they use foul language they don't really need to & some of their stories are really inappropriate and I don't visit them often, but a friend sent us this link and I love it.)

Oklahoma City Thunder Wander Town Aimlessly Looking For Place To Celebrate Big Win
May 17, 2011

OKLAHOMA CITY—Following their Game 7 victory over the Memphis Grizzlies Sunday, Thunder players spent several hours wandering the streets of Oklahoma City in search of a decent bar or nightclub to celebrate the organization's first Western Conference Finals appearance. "We figured we'd eventually find something, but every place we saw was either closed, pretty empty, or really sad-looking," Thunder guard Russell Westbrook told reporters, adding that Yelp searches on his phone found mostly "nasty cigar lounges and bowling alleys." "You'd think there'd be at least one 24-hour diner or something. You guys just want to go back to the arena and play some more basketball?" After Thunder players spent approximately 45 minutes standing on a street corner asking one another if they were still up for celebrating—and trying to determine if Kevin Durant was serious when he suggested they all drive to Tulsa—the team eventually decided to just go home.

I love our quiet city. It sure beats riots & weird traffic jams of flag waving cars trying to get downtown to "celebrate" the win.

The weather is celebrating. Loudly.

(Ok, I am going to go now, because I am tired of jumping every 10 seconds over the booms that are right outside my window. Bye.)

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