Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Why I called the City of Oklahoma City and the insurance company this morning

This was the view when we drove into our neighborhood last Saturday morning.
(picture by my mr.)

Ok, I think it was last Saturday morning. It might have been Friday morning. I am not sure. I am pretty sure it was not Sunday. (It's been quite a month.) We'd had some big winds the night before.

Then there were the horrible tornadoes way east of us last week and Joplin this weekend.

Last night my mom called from Idaho to see if we had severe weather they were reporting,
because they were watching the weather channel and they were worried about us.
Weather channel does not get too specific.
Local channels do.

A little while after she hung up, the hail started.
The local "panic" channel's main guy wore festive red tie with sequins.
Someone on facebook said that the fancier the tie, the worse the storms.
We heard him say our specific area about 20 times.
The locals have told me that when they say certain areas specific to us,
that's when we really need to pay attention.
We did.
No tornadoes but-
We got nickels, dimes and quarters.
I wish the hail had been real nickels, dimes and quarters.
We could have put it in our piggy banks.
I put some in the freezer.

miss s had been asleep and she came out to inform us that someone
was outside hitting the garbage can and they were throwing things at her window.
She did not remember that this morning.

I thought the hail sounded like our old water heater that lived in the attic in the Texas house.
The one that had hard water deposit pieces that moved around in it
and whenever anyone would use any hot water, it sounded like a
metallic monster popcorn machine.
It's much nicer to only hear that sound occasionally.

So I called the insurance company to make sure that when it says "wind" in our home owner's policy, that includes tornadoes.
It does.
We have a deductible.
It covers hail damage, too.

Then called the City of Oklahoma City.
To register our storm shelter.
So the emergency responders can find us if we happen to have to use it,
which I hope we don't but if we do
I don't want to be stuck in it very long.

The impetus for this morning's calls:

Image from here.

This morning's forecast.
Looks like we're in for some excitement this afternoon & evening.
I bet my mom will call.


  1. I remember spending quite a few nights in the storm shelter as a child. (We lived in Shawnee back then.) You guys stay safe!

  2. Good luck and stay safe. My brother in law is from Joplin, still has a brother there. SCARY! STAY SAFE!

  3. Well that was quite a night! Thank you for registering our "can in the ground". I think we should invest in one of those port-o-johns too. The bucket idea was not well received by the teenagers. :)


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