Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sight Words

little mr. j  has a growing stack sight word flash cards for his kindergarten class.
(Words he is supposed to know when he sees them instead of sounding them out.)
He knows them already (thanks to the awesome mom that I am), but I still think we need to practice those sight words.
Last night while I was doing something on the computer, I gave him his cards and asked him to please go through them.
I was kind of listening and had to laugh when he read these cards - in order - one quickly after the other:


What are we teaching these kids?


  1. Were the next words "General Electric" and "Obama"?


  2. I wish I could take you and your kids door-to-door with me, to the homes of my students. Maybe the parents would get a clue that they need to do their part at home, so we can do our little part at school. We only get to work with their kids in groups, and only a few hours a week. Go You!


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