Friday, October 14, 2011

Saturday is a Special Day

It's the day I will try not to go CRAZY.

We have one church program practice,
one football game,
two soccer games,
one trip to the lego store
for one birthday boy
who's kind grandparents are in town,
a picnic lunch somewhere in there
because we won't have time for stopping,
two church meetings,
a sweet friend in town from Texas visiting her dad
whom we'd love to see
but I fear our day may not allow (boo hoo hoo),
one youth dinner and dance
that I don't have to watch over
because of the kindness of other youth leaders
that my miss s will be attending
after she speaks at that second meeting
mentioned above.

It's a little overwhelming.
But - it's also mapped out on a purple piece of paper.
So we're going to be fine.
I'm a little nervous.
Tonight, ten minutes before tomorrow, I had the thought that maybe if I don't go to sleep, maybe tomorrow won't come. I know it's faulty thinking and we got ourselves into this whole over scheduled mess, but really for a moment I had that thought.

Sometimes, wouldn't it be nice to just hit a life pause?
Because really- Saturday is a special day.
And I need to remember to get ready for Sunday.


  1. I'm exhausted just reading your list of activities. My hat's off to you...good luck! (And please sleep in on Sunday)

  2. Mrs., that is one crazy, busy day but I'm sure you are handling it with all the grace you have handled your life thus far. Hope the games and the talk and specially that trip to the Lego store go your way today!!!

  3. I often laugh when people say they can't wait til the weekend as our Saturdays are just as crazy as any weekday! I do look forward to knowing that Sunday is a bit easier on us... you know, when there are no extra meetings. :) Good luck today!

  4. Good luck my dear. If anyone can do it, you can. You are super mrs.

  5. I wish blogger had little like (or love) buttons I could click under each of your comments! Sure appreciate you all!!!
    Saturday was wonderful - I am very thankful for this busy time of life.
    Sunday was meeting filled, but still had time for family and a little rest.
    Thank you all for being here & for your kind words!


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