Thursday, November 3, 2011

Coupon Lesson Learnt

You can get to groupon if you click here.

Ha- did you know that learnt is really a word?
I thought when I typed it that I might be going crazy and maybe have been living in the land of y'all for a bit too long for my own English Language lovers good.
Please click here for proof of my ok-ness.

Stupid me.
I bought a Groupon for an online art site
and wasted too much time decide what I wanted to adorn my naked living room wall.
It expired one day before I thought it did.
Lesson to me:
If you buy a Groupon, use it quickly.
Do not sit on it.
Because that is how they make their money.
And why you will have a naked wall for a while longer.

Got it, the mrs.?
No more Groupon unless you move on it quick.
Please remember.

(PS- just so you know, I wish I could be a couponer. I just can never remember to use them. Looks like this little flaw of mine lives on in the online realm as well.)


  1. Oh how I hate that. Bummer, we just did that with a rollerskating one too. Though, I knew the date, just ran out of time. SOMETIMES if you call the company, they'll at least apply the cost of the groupon to the product. Worth a try.

    -Susie Q.

  2. Same thing just happened to me for a coupon. At least it was only $15.

  3. Oh that sucks. The starving artist fair in OKC has some good stuff. Just go early or you'll get stuck with junk!

  4. I've recently read a bunch of "fine print" on the groupon website, and they say they'll refund your money if you let it expire - check on it!

  5. That's too bad. Tell you what, I don't claim that it's as nice of art as you were going to buy, but you can pick any one of the pictures on my photoblog ( and I will mail you an 8x10 of it, free of charge -- just so those walls don't have to be nekkid. LOL!

    PS There are well over 600 to choose from, so at least quantity if not quality is an option. =)


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