Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday School

Since I have been away, the snarky bugs have taken hold.
That and my computer is now mute.
Not deaf, just mute.
little mr. b asked me if I would like him to fix it.
I declined.
This poor machine has been through enough.
You have been warned.

For today's Sunday School, we are watching a video.
One that makes me laugh and laugh and laugh.
I especially love the second verse.
Have a beautiful day of rest.

{{Hugs}} to my Tebow loving friends-
I do appreciate the faith, just not what the world has warped his outward expressions into.
(I hope I added the correct video.)


  1. I am glad he isn't ashamed of his faith and that part of his being a role model is great. What makes me wonder is, does the spectacle he creates show reverence for or bring glory to his creator?

  2. I don't think he has created the spectacle. He simply goes to bended knee and says a prayer. I think he is a pretty humble kid. Everyone else has made a spectacle out of it. My son said that kids were Tebowing after receiving their medals at a DECA competition. Now that is a spectacle.

  3. I don't doubt he isn't sincere in his faith, I simply question his judgement in how he goes about it. Reminds me of what Jesus warned his followers against in the Sermon on the Mount, esp Matt 6:1-18. In my opinion, by choosing to make such a public display he is getting his reward (both good & bad). That's what I mean by taking attention and reverence away from the creator.


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