Monday, September 3, 2012

Dear Summer

We were so excited when you came this year. Thank you for our youngest child's first seasonal brain freeze. We enjoyed our brief rest away in Oregon, returning to enjoy the last few weeks with you. It's been a nice few months and we've enjoyed our time with you, but it's time for you to leave. The temperature forecast for the next couple days seems a little pushy, don't you think? Please, our time together was great, but you've got to make room for fall. We'll see you again soon and I promise, come January, that we will be singing your praises and looking forward to your return.
Thanks for coming, now leave.
Thank you,
the family

1 comment:

  1. First of all can I just say I am glad you are back. I have missed your post. :)
    Second, I absolutely love little man's curls. I always wanted a kid with those on their head, never happened. :(
    So I saw the first forecast shot and thought, what is she complaining about, those are perfect weather days for this time of year. We are going to be in the 70's here. It's been one of our best summers ever.
    Then I saw the second forecast shot and I almost said a little prayer for you. lol I am so glad I live where I do. I would die in that kind of heat. Your lows are going to be what our highs are for the week. Crazy! I hope you all survive it. :)


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