Sunday, October 21, 2012

This week's family email

Hi from Oklahoma. The wind came back this week, it was almost 90 today and will be in the 40s by the end of the week.

This week little mr. J's bus ran over a skunk that was 'sleeping' in the road and the mailbox at the school was knocked over but not by a mom in an SUV. I don't know what hit it, but my mr. drove by and said it was quite the early morning whoop te doo.

I need to get more sleep and my mr.'s showing me silly British television shows on YouTube. Not good, but sure funny.

miss s auditions for all state choir and has been practicing so much. She works do hard. We're praying for the best for her.

Bought a bag of candy for little mr. b and his friend to enjoy while they hide in the woods and scare kids on Halloween. But not three year olds. Because if they scare any three year olds little mr. j is "going to come down there and punch them in the ....."

miss h is doing her best at the Y and we are proud if her. She's getting to enjoy a little time with the Utah cousins. And would appreciate it much if we would stop being pushy.

I bought a lamp.

That's about it for us.
the mrs.

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