Cleaning List - It's the little things that matter

Here's a change - we've always had weekly "zones" that each family member is responsible for, I was still having to remind the other family members of the details that their "zone" entailed even though it was the same thing each week and each room. I grew weary, so I made a list.

This little list has become dear to my heart.

I especially love the "extra chores" section.
It enables flexibility. A flexibility that is the total opposite of what happens when something long and gooey hardens somewhere where it shouldn't.

Side note- once I broke up with a boy ever a booger. I think that is an important lesson for my young sons know. Their future may depend on it.  


  1. That is awesome! We have the same problem in our house, only it's not a boy, it's the youngest. She and clorox wipes have gotten to be good friends. ;)


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