Friday, August 28, 2009

Garage Door Tracks Need to be Oiled

Just a little note. If you have garage doors and they make a racket (spelling?) when opening and shutting, you might want to oil those tracks. And all those hinges. Because I learned a lesson. And I wish I had a picture for you.

Those noises mean your door is wanting to jump the confines of it's existence. It wants free. And then those garage doors try to free themselves. And when they are one quarter off the track and hanging precariuosly above your vehicle, you have a problem. A big one when you need to go pick up kids and the mr. is out of town. (Not that he knew this lesson at the time, but now he does.)

Ryan is in the phone book and he fixes garages doors. He got that monster back on it's tracks and $100 & 15 minutes later, gave me this advice. Oil those tracks and those hinges. Every month. (Now, I think that's overkill, but if they sound like they are sticking, they are.) It's been two months and the door has behaved. We oiled last Saturday. Thank you, Ryan.

Lesson: oil garage door tracks and hinges & pay attention to unusual noises

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