Friday, August 28, 2009

Introduction Part Two

This is the dog. The first dog for our family. She came out of the woods.

This is master j. He loves the color red and wants to be a race car driver.
(Note from November 2009-I am changing this child's name to little mr. j. It's a better fit.)

This is master b. His current learning endeavor involves a helmet, mouth gaurd, and a lot of sweat.
(Note from November 2009-I am changing this boy's name to little mr. b. It is a better fit.)

This is miss s. Alas, she's cut her beautiful hair. She sings.

This is miss h. She drives now and writes.

This is a weird picture of my mr. He likes to run.

This is me. I like to learn.

This next section was supposed to be at the top of the blog, but as I'm still trying to figure this out, somehow it ended up at the end. So please pretend you read it first. Thanks.

I've learned so much from so many. There are a few that I spend quite a bit of time with and they've educated me is so many ways. They will probably be recurring characters, so I'll give you a small introduction.

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