Wednesday, August 5, 2009


From's Thesarus:

Main Entry: learn
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: acquire information
Synonyms: apprentice, attain, be taught, be trained, become able, become versed, brush up on, burn midnight oil, commit to memory, con, crack the books, cram, determine, drink in, enroll, gain, get, get down pat, get the hang of, get the knack of, grasp, grind, imbibe, improve mind, lucubrate, major in, master, matriculate, memorize, minor in, peruse, pick up, pore over, prepare, read, receive, soak up, specialize in, study, take course, take in, train in, wade through
Notes: learn means to acquire or gain skill, knowledge or comprehension; teach means to impart skill, knowledge or comprehension to
Antonym: teach

Everyday comes with a new lesson. I can't remember a day without one. Good, bad, touching, on and on it could go. Recently I've felt like it's time to let some of those lessons out, like they are not just for me. So, against my reserved tendencies, I am going to share.

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