Sunday, September 27, 2009


My people keep me busy. Sometimes during the busyness, I have time to think about what I would like to write and what I might say. I've composed a lot. It's just never made it into the written language. Bummer because there were/are a lot of very clever stories swimming around in my brain. They are just hiding right now.

I did have time & thoughts one evening this week, but someone else was on the computer. I did laundry.

So, I am frustrated. I have time now, but the words won't come.

Here is what I would like to blog about-maybe having a list will help me focus.
-why this blog
-my trip
-what I learned about me
-what I learned how to do
-talking to people
-little boy football/soccer & mama bear tendencies
-people in my life: hair guy, piano teacher, friends, people on the plane, etc.
-little lessons

Ok, that should have gotten me started-there is more, but miss s is begging for some facebook time & she's been good, so it's her turn with this machine for a bit. Maybe, hopefully, I will make it back here tonight.

What I've learned: I need to get my ideas down when I have them. I need a notebook and some time. Anyone have some time they might be able to share?

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