Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tony Estlinbaum, our friend

OK, so I know that my dear best friend (who doesn't even enjoy reading) & my mr. are the only people who read this blog, but I'm hoping that maybe someday you others will come on in and visit a bit. This story is for you.

Last spring, master b was on a soccer team. My mr. was the coach.
They were a great group of kids and played hard. There were a couple of stand out players. One's name is Tony Estlinbaum. He was tough, agile, strong & smart playing soccer this spring.

As it goes when your kids have activities together, we got to know him and his family a bit. They are hardworking, "salt of the earth" kind of people. At 10 years old, Tony even had his own lawn mowing business.

So along comes the nasty flu. (We've been washing our hands extra well, have you?)
And Tony catches it--or really it caught Tony. When we found out that he was in the hospital, we added him and his family to our prayers. The video footage of him in the hospital showed a very different boy than we knew.

It was wonderful to see on our local news that he headed home yesterday. It was sad to see the toll this bug has taken on this sweet boy. I am so happy for the Estlinbaum family that they are all home together tonight. I hope that this will be their hardest trial in life and that it is over for good.

If you'd like to read CBS's national report from tonight click here. If you knew him and watch this video, it might make you cry-just to warn you!
If you'd like to help out the family with medical expenses, click here for contact info. Tell them it's for Tony.

PS-Don't really know if this is really appropriate after this post, but-woo hoo, I learned how to put in a click "here" thingy! Learning everyday. How about that.

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