Friday, October 30, 2009

Where did Speed Racer go?

According to my clock, there are one and an half hours before Halloween.
I have one little item left to make for a little guy's costume, but the action figure I was using as my example has gone missing. I think he may have run away.
He was in my hot little hand this morning & I remember thinking, "I should put this in a safe place so I can finish up."
I must have put him in a very safe place. Maybe he thought I was too hot.
I hope I wasn't holding trash in my other hand while I was having my safe place thoughts.
And on that note; Kristen, I hope your keys are just in a safe place and want you to know you aren't the only one who lost something today.
Lesson-put the silly action figure on top of the felt and scissors that are waiting for you at the first possible opportunity and get it done!!!

Post Publish Note:
That was written at 10:30pm. Fessed up to my mr. at 11:00pm. He said, "omph. that's my toy." (He kindly shares it with master j.) I said, "I'm so sorry. I'm sure we'll find him." 11:45pm Went to say my prayers with the little guy weighing on my mind. Began to kneel and saw a little white leg poking out under a piece of furniture in my room. Gave a quick thank you prayer & came to share the news that my eve of Halloween turned out well. I don't know about Kristen's.

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