Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Time Flies

One of my biggest lessons yet has been that time flies.

So, here is a picture of my sweet little speed racer.
We also had a very cool quiddich player at our house on Halloween.
The quiddich player's friend and brother joined the fray and we ate zombie dogs and carrots before they headed out for the evening's adventures.

This was the night my player & his zombie doctor friends ventured out into the wilds of our neighborhood. Alone. And I did not pass out from fear. Miss s and I had a nice visit & we had a lot few visitors than last year. Miss h avoided the holiday by having her own adventure in the wild.

The big boys didn't even stay out too late. And they didn't even hit all the neighborhood (it's really not that big). But they did very well treat and fun wise. And I grew up a little.

And most all of little mr. b's (I'm not going to call the boys "master b & j" anymore) candy was gone by the time I rolled out of bed on my sleeping-in-Sunday. Little mr. j was kinder and shared.

And now we're almost halfway through November, of the year 2009. Wow.
I have enjoyed the past couple weeks of focusing on my family.
I really need to get to the chores, but they will wait.
Time Flies too quickly to worry about the dust-but clean clothing is a necessity, so-
Good night.

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