Saturday, January 2, 2010

Footprints and Facebook

picture (and an article) from here

Once upon a time, there was a brand new wood floor with footprints.
Many times those prints were scrubbed and rubbed and polished.
They stayed and stayed.

Once upon a time, there was a woman who was getting frustrated.
She scrubbed and rubbed and polished.
They stayed and stayed.

Once upon a time, there was magnifying glass.
The woman, the magnifying glass, the prints, and sense of touch
all met up.

Once upon a time, there were footprints in the finish.
Builder's warranty.
Get out of the house.

And that gets us to the place where we are now. 
(I mean the "proverbial" place, because the literal place is now at home.)
Finally, I can get to the computer because certain people in my family have been a little too creative & hogging this machine during our little "vacation ."

Not that I mind, but oh what they are putting me through.
Two people in my family are pressuring me to join facebook (not to mention some of you outsiders!).

I am "the woman who won't join Facebook."

I have a lot of reasons why.

And-I am afraid that their antics might look like a ploy to get you over here to read this blog.  I promise that's not the case although it is wonderful to have you here & I hope you come back again.

And-I confess that it's a treat to hear about who's finding out about this. They are really tempting me to find and talk to old friends.

And- it is funny to listen to my mr. giggle like a little girl while he works his devious plan with miss s.

Lesson:  when doing a final walk through for a new home, bring a magnifying glass and be very, very picky.

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