Friday, January 1, 2010

Some of what I've learned this past week of Christmas

Christmas Day

1.  Counting blessings during a Christmas Eve blizzard is a great way to spend time.
2.  I do not know how to deal with a salt cured whole ham.  Tried. Efforts need improvement.
3.  Waking up on a bright, sunny Christmas morning & loving on the family is awesome. 
4.  A few days after the storm, the teens want OUT!
5.  When homebound, a lot of work can be done.
6.  Eventually, the roads will clear, but the drifts and ice in the driveway will take work.
7.  Visitors are a welcome distraction.
8.  A week like this deserves some celebrating--guess what we did?  Went ice skating. 

How's that for following the theme?

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