Friday, January 29, 2010

On Wednesday it was 60 + degrees

We live in a crazy state.
I could go many directions with this, couldn't I?--psycolgical, physical, emotional, etc......  but,
I'm just meaning the weather today.

On Wednesday, it was over 60 degrees and beautiful.
Today we are getting this. (Post edit--ok, they changed the link to a different news story.  Just think ice.  Then snow.)

If my computer would let me, I would show you Wednesday vs. today pictures.
But, it's having issues, so you'll just have use your imagination.
Think beautiful in January. The news kept calling it the January thaw.  Blue sky, pretty cloulds, light jackets.
Now think cold.  Think ice storm.  Think snowing now on top of the ice. Think slick.
The news said the January thaw is over.
The snow is coming down real pretty and all my people are home safe-so I am in a good place, but holy camoley, the weather here is crazy.

I asked my friend, a native Oklahoman, "What is up with this weather?"
She said, "It's Oklahoma."

We live in a crazy state.

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