Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday School

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Today we went to church at a hotel.

Weird, I know.
And no, we haven't changed religions or anything like that-we had stake conference in a ballroom. A very large ballroom.
I've only set foot in our stake building once since moving to this area.  I can't remember why.  It's being remodeled currently, which causes some excitement in meeting locations.  What I don't get is that when we first moved here, one of the first meetings we attended was stake conference and it was at that same hotel, and I am pretty sure the building wasn't being remodeled at that time.

In case this whole "stake" business is a bit confusing, here's a little info:  in the church we attend, the congregation you attend with depends on geographical boundaries.  That congregation is called a ward.  Many wards make up a stake.  So the stake meeting is a pretty big meeting with a lot of people attending. It happens twice a year in place of regular Sunday worship.  If you'd like to know what congregation you'd be in, click here.

There were a lot of talks, some very sweet musical numbers, and some very entertaining moments near the end when someone's dear little one pulled a fire alarm.

The speaker during the fire alarm's talk had the most impact on me. This one's one I need to use - daily.
So we'll keep this Sunday School session short by just getting to the point.

Overcome the spirit of contention with love.

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