Monday, February 22, 2010

I Caved.

So, I caved.  Well, not I, the mrs. but I, the person with a real name.

I joined facebook this afternoon, and tonight went to a presentation by an FBI agent with a great southern accent who deals strictly with crimes against children that technology has effected in some way.  And guess what his attitude about social networking sites was--not good. 
What have I done?

If you are here visiting because of FB, welcome --and you can see more of my legs up in the upper right hand corner. (I've worked very hard for those legs.)
I probably should change that little FB thing. 
(Just in case I do change it, here's the description:  My profile picture is the same as the one here, only it's the front of my legs.  In the something section, I put, "Like my legs?  See more at"  That probably would not look too good to that FBI agent, would it?)

Anyway, welcome.
I hope you can take a minute to look around and hopefully enjoy.

My favorite posts are in the funny section.
If you'd like to be introduced to my family's legs, go to the Introduction.
If you want a bit churchy with some personal notes, go to sunday school.
You can look forward to some posts about dog wrestling, true confessions and some lessons I've learned in my time here on earth.
(One of the most wonderful being that I've found a great colorist.)

Oh, and I don't usually use our real names here because of paranoia I had before tonight's presentation.  If that causes some confusion, let me know and I will try to make things a little more clear.

Hasta la Vista
and I hope you come by to visit often!
the mrs

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  1. Ha! I blogged a post with the exact same title a month ago for the exact same reason. What are the odds?


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