Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday School

Today in Sunday School, we talked about Noah.
Lesson: Have faith & prepare.

Short lesson.

Ok-but this church world is so small sometimes, it's awesome.
The family we sat behind in our main meeting had an uncle visiting.  He used to live right by where we used to live in Washington state in a much different time period.
I sat by a woman, in our third meeting, who lived in our Texas congregation and moved to a different one in the same area right before we moved in.  So funny to know some of the same people and to have never met until they visited some of their family who recently moved into our congregation . They've also left Texas and it was so nice to comisserate on how much we miss the lovely city we left.
(Oklahoma- I do love you.)
There were no Utah connections. I don't have many Utah connections.
How about that?

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  1. How fun, you'll have to tell me who it was. Glad you got to chat and think of us for a bit. :)


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