Friday, April 30, 2010

Because the sun is shining today

and the wind is blowing a lot kinder than it was last night, I am going to share some things.

This is my mr. and little mr. j, recently blowing out the candles on one of their birthday cakes.  Can you guess which one?  (Hint: look at the smoke--it makes me laugh--we had to open the windows.)

These are all the fourth graders lined up to stake their claim at the annual Land Run at our school.
Little mr. b and two awesome friends did some stratigerizing and got that prime stake right in front.  I was so proud and then we sat down and ate our picnic lunch.

For more information on the Oklahoma Land Run, watch this:
and fyi-if my dog was a horse, it would be Tom Cruise's and if I punched her, it would break my hand and there were no big accidents today like on this video, I did see one child in a red shirt take a tumble, and the red head Nora and her husband are Sooners. Oh, and no fourth graders were shot, thank goodness.

This is miss s, who is getting a lot of that beautiful hair cut off tomorrow.  If you had that hair, would you cut it off?  I wouldn't.  I question her thinking.

This is miss h, who has awesome style and probably will be very mad at me for putting this picture in.

This is mr b playing soccer.  Guess which one he is.

And now, because I am feeling brave, this is

my camera.

Aren't you glad you've seen it?

And now I am off on a date with my mr. because we are old and have wonderful teenagers at home, who are kind enough to care for their younger siblings.  We are blessed.
And, if you didn't read today's earlier post, please do.
I wrote it a couple of weeks ago, put a post-dated publish on it and forgot all about it until a beautiful comment showed up in my email.
Then I remembered it.

Please go read it and leave an idea.
Ideas are good and I'd like to stretch my brain.
I will be addressing them soon.
(And, you should read Becky's comment, it makes me look --Oh, so good.)
(Tomorrow or the next day I'll tell you another story that happened today that will make me look---Oh, so bad.)
Be on the look out.
Boomer --  Sooner!

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  1. How dare you tease me like that! My dashboard gives me just a little hint of what the bad bad thing you did and when I click on the link the page does not exist....cruel. I need to know that I'm not the only one that has bad mom moments! :)


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