Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday School

I almost skipped Sunday School today.
You wouldn't believe how beautiful it was here in Oklahoma. 
I really think today was a Garden of Eden day. Except, it was probably a little warmer in Eden-you know the nakedness and all. Anyway,
the temperature hovered around 80 degrees, the sky was baby, baby blue with the most precious fluffy white clouds set in the sky in such a attractive manner, the fresh new green growing, and a slight off and on breeze.  I even saw a butterfly and five white doves flying.
It was beautiful.
I could really deal with having days like this always.

I did get it together & here's today's Sunday School:
Once I went to a leadership meeting that was very, very good.
I was working in Primary at the time.
We were asked what we remembered most about Primary (those of us who went when we were younger, of course).

What do you think we answered?
We answered: music and how we felt.
Not many of us could remember many specific lessons.

I remember part of two specific lessons and how I felt, but I can tell you about those later.

The main point was,
help the children feel the Spirit.

Teach them the music-they will have that with them the rest of their lives. It helps bring the Spirit and create a peaceful environment.
Teach them the gospel, with the Spirit and teach them to recognize the Spirit when it is there.
Teach them what it feels like.

Because, someday, when we aren't around to help them anymore, they are going to need the guidance of the Spirit and it would be good for them to know how to get it and recognize it.

Here's what I remember about Primary:
-my mom substituting our little star A class, we were doing some little song with a star on a stick- I really liked that star on a stick-one person got to stand on a chair and hold the star up high-I really, really wanted a turn, but my mom kept telling me "no-I had to wait"-I don't remember if I had a turn, but I remember feeling very unimportant.  awwww.  (I was 4 or 5. She let me play with the star on a stick at home before the lesson. I know she was trying to not play favorites & she is a very sweet woman, but, if one of my children is in a class I am teaching, they do get a little extra love.)

-When I was about 10 or eleven, we had a lesson on talents.  I really didn't have any readily apparent talents, but my teacher said to me, "mrs (only I wasn't the mrs then, of course), you are a really good listener. That is a very important talent."  I finally felt that I had something important to share. That comment has gotten me through the last 30 years.

-I remember practicing  this song to perform as a Primary chorus in stake conference in the chapel with bright sunlight shining in through big windows, diffused by the tremendously tall drapes, and feeling warm.  Our stake center was my grandma's ward building and it was where my wedding reception was later held.

-And, because I want you to know that I love my mom very much and she taught me so many wonderful things, here are two songs that I will always associate with her and will always make me smile.
(When you listen to the following links, you can sing on your own-the music an accompainment is there-or you can play it with words and music.  It's a very cool site.)
This one she taught me when I was very little. I love it; Give Said the Little Stream.
And this one she teased me with often, especially when I was in my teenage-rolling-the-eyes stage; Smiles.
I should sing it more often. 
I think I will.

What are your songs?  What are your memories? What do you think?


  1. I remember going to Jr. Sunday School. It was held upstairs at the church. There was a short pulpit, child-sized benches, and plenty of sunlight coming in through the windows. I love light. Thanks for reminding me of my childhood days. It will start my week off nicely. :)

  2. My mom used to sing Give Said a Little Stream, too! Primary was fun. It was young women's I hated!

  3. GT- you are welcome!
    L-We should sing that song together some time :). I am so sorry YW stunk for you. I know some other special women that happened to, too. Someday I would love to hear your story.


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