Monday, April 19, 2010

Me, the bad mom

Item can be found here. (We totally didn't pay that stated price.)

Some days, I just don't do a good job at being a mom.
For example:
A couple of evenings ago, I took little mr. j out on a shopping excursion, because he was in need of some new shoes. Whilst at the shopping emporium, I remembered an event he was scheduled to attend in two days. A big event. A birthday party for a friend.

So proud of remembering, I said, "Hey, let's go get a gift for your friend."
He was so precious trolling the toy isles. He decided on an awesome car related gift (of course). And he proceeded to carry the thing all around for the rest of our shopping trip. And home.

He also stated that he really, really wanted one of these things.

When we got home, he wanted to immediately show his dad the prize.
He went in and I brought all our "stuff" in. (Because when one is shoe shopping at such a vast emporium, it is really easy to remember all the things one has forgotten one "needs".)

On my last load in, I see the child's father sitting at the dining table taking all the little parts out of the plastic packaging. The wonderful mother/wife in me said, "What are you doing? That's a gift for the birthday boy not for little mr. j."

And not missing a beat or a chance to shift the blame, my mr. said, "little mr. j opened it, I'm just taking the pieces out." My mr. does not like being around an upset mrs.

Poor little mr. j, he had no idea why I was upset. I asked him to sit at the table and wait for me while I finished up the stuff.

A few seconds later, my mr. came and said to me, "You need to hear this."
I went to little mr. j and asked him why he opened the package. He preceeded to tell me that he wanted to get it out and ready for the birthday boy to play with so he wouldn't have to wait for it to be taken out of the packaging.

And I said, "You don't like having to wait to play with your new toys, do you?"
He said, "No."
I said, "You are a very thoughtful friend. I am sorry."

Then my mr. fixed the package up to look presentable.
I emailed the birthday boy's mom to warn her about its appearance and little mr. j had a fine time at the party.

His presents will be unpackaged and preassembled from here on out.

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