Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Dog (part 2)

Talk of the dog not being part of our family has gone by the wayside, much to the relief of two young people living at our house. (You might not have even known that talk was going on, but it was.)

A friend came over and said, "Your dog feels ostracized."
Oh, the enlightenment. 

So, certain children have been paying her more attention and it looks like it is working.
Thank goodness.
Her, the dog's not my friend's, behavior has really improved with the attention now being given.

I guess this dog's a lot like me. 
Ok for awhile, but if ignored for too long goes a bit crazy.

So, don't feel obligated, but it's ok if you leave comments on this thing sometimes. 
Just a little "hi" or something's great. 
I know there are a couple of you reading out there.
Sometimes I just feel a little alone.


  1. You know I'll always be there for you. I know how wonderful comments are though, and will be sure to give you a shout out a bit more often. :) Love ya.

  2. You may feel lonely at times, but you are never alone. I like the picture. Doggie dear looks well behaved even if it was for a moment. :)

  3. Maybe our dogs should get together for therapy. I also laughed about the present for the birthday. Our youngest child also opened the gift for that same event and we had to hurry to the store for a replacement-she had torn some parts in the process. It must have been that kind of day, although your child was much more altruistic. Ours just wanted it for herself! Keep on blogging!

  4. Thank you, friends.
    I sure appreciate each of you.
    Very much.


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