Thursday, April 22, 2010

Monday, Monday on Thursday

Monday my high school driver came home from school early feeling ill.

Monday I went to the gym, bought dog food & ran another errand that I can't remember.
We did mr. j's "learning" and loads of laundry.
Then little mr. j and I finished planting the rest of the petunias that didn't get planted Friday because it started raining.

So, tired and proud of my work, I got in the shower to prepare for the chaos that comes after 3:30pm on weekdays.
And as I step out of the shower, the phone rings.

"Mom, are you going to pick me up?"
And my missions accomplished pride quickly deflated.
Out of all I did, I forgot one very important "to do."
Naked me said, "I'll be right there."
I forgot that I needed to pick up my other high school daughter, who does not drive.
Monday, Monday.
I'm just glad I remembered to get dressed before stepping out to get her.


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! My guts hurt I laughed so hard! Good thing you got dressed!!!

  2. Probably your daughter was more glad for the clothes, if only she knew she should be.

  3. I'm saying "hi". I think you are pretty "awesome possum." your blog is great ! Much less lame than mine!


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