Thursday, May 20, 2010

Busy, busy, busy

I don't like being busy, busy, busy.
I hold a belief that we choose how we look at our time & can somewhat control the busy-ness.
Sometimes that belief is wrong.

I told you this week would be a lot less gloomy and lighter & it has been - for me.
I just haven't had a chance to sit down pass some of the light on.
I have some fun ideas-just not the time to sit my rear end down & share with you.
It's frustrating, because I keep writing posts in my head-but there's nowhere for me to write them down.

So, here's some of my fun that's been keeping me away:

A lot of Laundry.
And I look at the piles and think, "Sheesh, does an army live here?"
And then I say, "Kind of."
And then I do it.
(At this moment, I am ignoring the dryer beeping-makes me feel powerful and in control)

Food Issues.
The people at this house like to eat.
So do I,
Hence, it must be dealt with.

Last Minute Realization that this is the last week of school for one of my kids and everything that comes with that.

Field Day volunteers needed, thought I could skip out.
Last minute email game out & I took up the call.
(Remind me to tell you later about the thing I learned about something that I had forgot about.)

Orthodonist Appt for one child during a tornado watch, or was it warning-I don't know which-we went to the appointment.

Cub Scout Pack Meeting that I was too excited to get home from because of said same tornado watch.

Grumpy "brain training tutoree."

Viewing some of Sunday's hailstorm damage--oh my goodness, if you haven't seen what baseball size hail can do, you have to check it out.  I will try to post something tomorrow (depending on how busy I am).

Getting ready to participate in a friend's garage sale.

Forgetting to make some important phone calls.

Fun church stuff.

And here are the best busies:

Helping little mr j ride his bike
Trying to keep the teenagers' schedules straight
Deciding on driver's ed dates
Field Day
Visiting with a neighbor and her elderly mom
The Gym
Food Issuses

Some people might call my busy, busy, busy-boring, boring, boring.
It all depends on how it's viewed.
I love it.

Now-off to fold some clothes, be thankful for the calm weeks, and to consider the advantages of the nudist family's way of life.


  1. Sean's greatest aspiration is to live in a nudist colony- I forget what that would do to my "busy" load too!


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