Monday, May 17, 2010

Mi perro está loco. (The Dog part 3)

Picture from here.

Our fence is not solid. We can totally see out to the street and anyone on the street can totally see into our yard.

So I decided it would be nice to shield our neighbors from our backyard that is beginning to look a bit ratty because of a certain four legged resident. And to hopefully deter that four legged resident from barking at every kind neighbor that walks by.

I loved honeysuckles when I was a little girl. They smell so good and it was fun to pull off the flower and suck the sweet nectar. (Ok, now as an older person, I would have to look into that practice to see if it's really safe, but I would totally do it if it is.)

My dear neighbor (of the curtains-see this post) brought over some honeysuckle starts.
I was so grateful.

A couple of days later, I went into the yard- outside the four legged resident's fence.  I dug a little hole near the fence (because honeysuckles are a vine and need support to grow on-and would beautifully block the view).  I put in potting soil and fertilizer. (Supplementing our red dirt, you see.) I planted a couple of precious little honeysuckle starts. Patted down the dirt and watered them well.

Looking forward to the beauty to come, I moved on.

I dug another hole and turned to admire my work of moments before.
The starts were gone.
There was a hole.

And the dog sat, on the inside of the fence, wagging her tail, waiting for me to plant another toy.

Oh man.

I resolved to not let it bug me.  I really hadn't worked that hard. I could outsmart this dog.
(Ok, I did swing the trowel at her when she was trying to lick and grab my hands through the fence.)
We had some plastic mesh that we'd used in a project before and zip ties.  I cut the mesh, ziptied it to the fence in all the spots I wanted to plant. And did what I did before with the planting in a few different spots.

Then I cleaned up, and left for a couple of hours.

The project that we used the plastic mesh for was protection for the two shrub/trees in the backyard that the dog had been using as a chew-toy shopping center. (Really, she took off large branches near the roots to drag around the yard and chewed off all the smaller branches she could reach.) 

In my honeysuckle joy, I had forgotten how badly that ended. 
Those shrubs are protected by wire mesh and rebar now.

When I came home, I found:
No mesh. No honeysuckle starts. Holes.
And she dug a couple of extra holes - just for fun.

And she was very happy.  What a kind person I am, to make all that fun for the dog.
And-she even gets to keep her view. Lucky dog.

To learn a lot about honeysuckles go here.
This link will tell you how to grow a honeysuckle. I think I may send them a suggestion for the "tips and warnings" portion of their article. How does "beware of perro loco" sound?
And here's a free translator website: awesome.
(Thank you to miss h & s's babysitting charge with teaching me the title saying and inspriation to find that translator.)


  1. Me (The Crazy Writer Girl)May 17, 2010 at 10:17 AM

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! LOL! Okay, sorry. I shouldn't laugh because Harrison created a mine field in my yard and I totally identify.

    However, I need some dog love in the worst way. Maybe I can come take Pete off your hands for an hour so you can regroup.

  2. We had a dog once... he dug up everything I planted! He lives somewhere else now.


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