Monday, May 24, 2010

I read too fast

and stay up way too late doing it.
So, I don't remember all I've read.

I had a conversation with a wonderful woman a few Saturdays ago and discovered that we are kindred spirits in our reading techniques. I think she might even read blogs and leave nice comments, too. She goes to a book club.  I don't.

I am too afraid to join book clubs in fear that I will say something stupid or wrong or rude, so this can be my own private one person club.  Feel free to comment and join in.  I will share my one person club. I am very nice.  I will not call your comment stupid, wrong, or rude.  If it is (which I know none will be, because only awesome, wonderful people read this blog and very few of you comment), it will go in the trash can.

So, because I read too fast and can't remember everything I read, I am going to brain dump here. That way I will be able to come back and remember-or at least remind myself that yes, I did read that book. And I will call this, my club, "books."

I have to warn you that I have some very different tastes.  You will probably laugh at some of the things I choose to read. But, since it's my club, I get to read whatever I want. Phew, I feel so powerful.  I should have started this little club long ago.  (I promise to not let all this power go to my head.)

These are some of the books I've read in the last few months:


Let me know which one you want to know about first.


  1. Did you like The Shack? I have mixed feelings about it, but I think generally it was negative. But I think that may have been my personal experiences that made it negative. I just wanted to see what you thought about it.

  2. I would be happy discussing any of the above, except for "New Rules of Lifting." I've never enjoyed weight lifting.
    I've read "The Shack." All I have to say about that one is: God does not look like Aunt Jemima.
    "The Help" is in my pile of "books to read" on my night stand.
    I'm glad you put this on here. I always need suggestions of new books.
    You should come to book club (i'm now in two.) Don't worry about saying anything stupid. (I don't think you're capable of it anyway.) Believe me, I said plenty of things that people didn't agree with a couple of meetings ago. :)
    Maybe Becky can help me persuade you if we both beg. Please please please come to book club, pretty please. If nothing else, come for the food and good company, and time away from kids(those are my reasons anyway.)
    If you don't I'd be happy to join this one :)

  3. Hey Becky & Laura, so nice to hear from you!
    The Shack-I don't know. The depiction of the very important three people bothered me, but I was very glad the man could have some closure. It's a very different perspective in the spiritual sense, that's for sure.
    Go read The Help- now.
    My mom, who never really was that big of a reader, recommended it to me & oh, it's good.
    It was so good that I read it so fast that if we want to talk about it, I am going to have to read it again.

    And I don't know about those book clubs. The last one I belonged to allowed children (think unmanaged two year old shrieking and emptying cupboards) and not much discussion of the books. I am gun shy. Although, I think I did hear about that book club of a couple months ago. Oh, how I wish I could have been a fly on the wall for that one.

    Love you, ladies!

  4. I want to be in a book club!!! I think we should do an online one. I have the problem that you think you do. But, I really do have it. I don't think before I speak. But, you knew that. Although, I'm getting better. So, online would be perfect for me because I can erase my first thoughts. Like I already have several times in this comment.

    In RS yesterday, the instructor talked about how they talk about Valium being a new invention for housewives in "The Help." (I could be misquoting her. But, I think that was the gist.) So, I immediately added it to my list because if it's discussed in RS...

    I'm actually quite surprised I haven't read any from your list (except the BofM of course). I'm adding them all to my list. So, I can add to your discussion as soon as I've read them. Which order would you recommend I read them?

  5. I was going to ask about The Help, but the comments have urged me into that decision. Sounds like a good one.

  6. Okay, so I lied, it was a different book in my pile to read. I did put it on reserve at the library but there are 115 before me. Awesome. Once I finish the two I have to get back to the library, I'll probably just order it from Amazon. I think I will, it will give me something to do while we're in Minnesota and Mike is taking his boring hospital tours. Okay. That's decided.

  7. I just bought The Help today, I'm so excited to read it!!!


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