Monday, May 24, 2010

Awards Assembly

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I want you to know that they gave me the degree, but I think they forgot to teach me a couple of things. (And they forgot to sign the certificate.)

And as evidence of that, I give you the following:

Today I forgot something very important.  Two letters came a few weeks ago.  I put the letters on the bulletin board in the hall that we all walk by everyday.  I emailed the letter senders to let them know they had forgotten one important item in one of the said letters. They said they would take care of it.

Tonight was the high school's major award ceremony & I had two beautiful girls who were to be awarded significant recognition of their accomplishments this year.

And as I was pondering on if I should go ahead and make dinner, since my mr. was not home from work and he said he had something special planned, but we were getting hungry and didn't know when he was getting home, one daughter came and sat by me and said, "I don't feel like going to that thing tonight."

I said, "What thing?" And got a sick feeling in my stomach.

I knew. And I remembered that the letter said the ceremony would begin promptly at 6pm. 
Ten minutes from my right now.
And it takes ten minutes to get to the high school (not including parking and getting into the auditorium).

So I talked to the other daughter, and she said, "Do we have to dress up?"
I said yes and she said she didn't want to go.

And it killed me.
These girls have worked very hard in school this year and done incredible things and I am so proud of them.
I want them to know that.
I want them to know that other people are proud of them, too.
I want them to know that even though they don't see that cadre of parents out there day to day, that we are out there-cheering them on, hoping the best for them, wanting them to succeed.
I wanted to cheer for my friend's children and the children whose parents weren't there to cheer for them.

But, no, because I missed the mark in my calendaring and paying attention to that calendar lessons, I missed it.

So--Congratulations, Miss S for the awesomeness that is you.  You are a bright light.  Keep shining!
And--Congratulations, Miss H for the awesomeness that is you.  You are a bright light.  Keep shining!
Applause, applause, applause, applause, applause, applause, applause, applause, applause, applause!

May you learn from the mistakes of your mother & not repeat them.


  1. Sadly, they will repeat them. We all do. Congrats to both of them though!

  2. I was there and clapped and clapped. Since both H & S had names on the program, I consider that I clapped for them. Did you hear my applause way over at your house? Tell them congrats from me!!

  3. Thanks, B!
    And thanks, Amy! You were one of the friends I was thinking of. I want you to know that I was cheering for your boys from here. And we did hear your applause!
    I will pass on both of your congrats.


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