Friday, May 14, 2010

Things to know and do to help a friend or loved one with PPD

For a definition of PPD, go here.

This is a copy of a handout a dear woman gave to me a few months ago. (The title above and the words in italics come directly from the handout.) I wish our family had known this.  Maybe it can help you or someone you love.

-She cannot "snap" out of it.
-She will get better.
-WITH PROPER TREATMENT you will get your wife/daughter/sister/friend back.
-You cannot make this go away.
-PPD affects the whole family
-Make sure you are taking care of yourself.
-Do not asume everything is OK because she says so.
-Do not let her appearance convince you that she is feeling better than she really is.
-Do not tell her what to feel or what not to feel.
-Validate what she feels.
-Listen to her.
-Some things that made her feel good previously, may not work the next time.
-Tell her you know she feels miserable.
-Tell her she will get better.
-Tell her she can still be a good mother and feel terrible.
-Tell her it's OK to make mistakes--she doesn't have to be perfect.
-Tell her you love her.
-Tell her the baby will be fine.

Please remember, if your loved one expresses ANY thoughts of hurting herself or her baby seek IMMEDIATE medical attention! This is an emergency and help must be sought right away!


  1. I'm so glad you're posting these. I realized too late also that I had problems after Brooklyn. It was short lived and since I didn't have it with Cameron I didn't expect it would be me. I was glad I was prepared with Lauren, though I seemed ok with her too. Child bearing is such a wonderful blessing, and I wouldn't trade it for the world, but there are some real trials that come with it. Love ya!

  2. It amazes me that after thousands of years of mothers bearing children, some of the realities still aren't frequently discussed. Thanks for spreading the word about PPD.


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