Friday, June 18, 2010

Bring your camera

And make sure the batteries are charged.

Because, when you are on a walk by the beautiful Clearwater River
And you are enjoying the pink, wild roses,
You might just happen upon a spider.

A white spider
With a pink stripe.

And when you walk by
And don't take a photo,
There will be regrets.

And when your walk leader decides to take a short cut back to the car,
Across a field of tall grass
And you took a tick off a dog the day before
And do not wish to do that again on a human,
Especially yourself,
You can decide to go back the long way
Back down the path
To find that bush
That held the spider.

And when you do
The spider will try to hide
So hurry and get your camera
But make sure the battery is charged.
Because it is very difficult to get a nice photo
of an upset white and pink spider
with camera on a phone.

The End.

PS-thank you, miss s, for  noticing the spider. It was AWESOME!
PPS-longer walks make little boys tired.  Happy me.
PPS-if you are not related to me & can tell us about the Clearwater River, you will get extra brownie points, leave a comment :).

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