Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Quarter Fly

Picture found here.

When we moved to Oklahoma, our family got to live in a little apartment for a few months.
An apartment that flies liked to fly into.
So we started a tradition.
Every family should have a tradition regarding houseflies, don't you think.

So, when we moved into our home, we had even more houseflies.
Because, when doors are propped open, bugs will come in.

I told the people of the house,
"Each fly you kill-I'll pay you a quarter."
Money well spent.
Last summer I handed out a few quarters.
I guarantee you, they will bring me a few dead flies as soon as the season rolls around.
And I won't even have to ask.

What do you think the price of a spider should be?

(There was a tarantula on my front porch last summer. miss s saw three huge spiders, a few huge moths, fireflies and a frog/maybe a toad trying to knock down our garage door one evening last week. Just thought you'd like to know.)


  1. At least a dollar! I'd be willing to pay big bucks for someone else to deal with the creepie-crawlies and not me!

  2. GREAT idea. I might have to use that one too. :)

  3. a dollar a spider. that's my final offer. :)

  4. The frog / toad migrated to the back. I followed it from the garden hose to the back patio. I hope it's smart enough to migrate out of the backyard before it becomes Petey fodder.

  5. Just to help with some confusion that last comment might have caused, R OK is "my mr." and he's giving me this news because I am not home to see for myself. And the dog's real name is ....Petey. :) Now you know.
    I wonder if the frog is knocking on the back door.
    I hope it's smart enough to clear out, because that dog thinks anything near her yard is her toy. We don't want to be cleaning up frog guts.-And when I refer to "we," I mean R OK, because he's the one who'd have to clean it up because he is so kind, he would never leave dried up frog guts out for me to clean up.
    He's a catch, I tell ya.


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