Sunday, July 11, 2010

This Weekend

When I was in college, Saturdays were lonely days.  Sometimes Sundays were, too.
I would get all my to dos done. Sometimes hangout with friends. Sometimes not.
I often felt very alone.

That is not my life anymore.  I still try to get all my to dos done, but quite often they don't-which is fine by me. I am very not alone and I really am enjoying my life as it is right now.

And because my life as it is right now is very full, I am not having much time to sit and ponder and write about what I am learning.  But, I know my days are numbered and someday, I will have time. So for this little season, I will make lists and be shortwinded. And when that lonely time tries to sprout up again, I will have found ways to deal with it.

So, this weekend, I've been very impressed on the importance of people in our lives.

Here's some of what I did-involving people:

Date Night-dinner & the dreaded WM (which is not so bad, when my mr is with me)-during which my mr recieved a very kind phone invitation to join some friends the next night for some fun

Baby Shower-which was totally cute-they themed it "mr man," so of course I was enamored-and the mom to be is a super cutie-and their cute (already here) daughters remind me so much of my two little girls that've grown up way too fast-and the baby to come is a little boy, so I'm relating greatly to their family pattern

Clean House-putting this under people, because everyone chips in-we use a "zone" system and everyone is responsible for something (except I just realized that mr j isn't & he's old enough now-hmmm-what shall it be?)

Bike Selling-(not me, my mr)-he did his first 'Craig's List' thing and was meeting different people

Asking others to run errands for me-our new evening with friends dashed some dinner plans we had with some kind young men men we know-and they were having some problem and weren't able to make it to our house anyway-so we took them some moola and they got to go to tacobell and jamba juice & I think they liked it

Neighboor Knocked-at door-mr j invited to go swim with a friend-great excitement

Pest Control Appt-we had a time frame-adventure ensued

Real Shower-and I even washed my hair-and told a young family member that if said pest control person came, to have them do the outside, come knock and tell me they were here so they could do the inside because in the course of cleaning a certain bug situation was discovered in a bathroom (not mine) that he could deal with (that and there have been some big spiders in my house and I don't have enought moola to pay my children for the slaughter)

Surprise-when I popped my head out the bathroom door to holler & see how above mentioned child was doing, I scared  the pest control man out of my bedroom-I think I now have great power in that I can scare away the person who scares away my pests-and I am very glad that I put a towel in front of me before I opened that door-and that I did not open to door very wide because he would have been v-e-r-y scared if he'd seen the reflection in the mirror directly behind me.

Dressed-I got dressed-we had a nice chat-took care of the bugs-had a talk with a young man about letting people in the house and telling me what's going on

Hair-miss s curled my hair with a straight iron-I think that is just fun irony

Knock on door-thought it was our evening out friends-not-kind man (friend) bringing mr a bike tool

Knock on door-evening out friends-while waiting for mr, showed mr b how too get started on his tuba

Out-indecision on where to dine, but fun company-decision made-only room at the bar, but it was fun & I found a "drink" I like (ok, don't get all worked up-those who know me-I don't "drink"-and I didn't)-but I did drink blackberry sage lemonade-who would have known

Theater-we saw a car fly-and a little boy from our little school in the child lead-had a wonderful time with our friends-and there were toot sweets at intermission (that reference was for you, Glenda & Becky G, thought you might laugh at the double meaning there)-for some interactive fun, you get to guess the show

Bed-slept well, next to my mr

Hair-slept in-didn't brush-did brush teeth

Church-sitting by children-who some people think are well behaved-but really just know how to elbow each other without being noticed-lots of comments on my cute hair (if they only knew-usually it's straight and the same)-thank you miss s-kidnapped a baby (so precious!) got to hold it for a long time-I did listen & learn, too

Home-different post coming on this one-it has to do with a blowtorch-and a person

Lunch/dinner-son walking around saying "no more dinner for lunch"-think he's hungry and tired of our Sunday eating habits-and it relates to aforementioned different post

Nap-read books in bed with a grumpy/tired 4 year old who doesn't take naps-he put me to sleep and then left

Book-finished reading a book that I will tell you about in a bit

Treats & fun time with family-have a child who loves to make "treats"-my downfall-and my people are a joy (most of the time)

Fun emailing with a friend/neighbor-so we took them some treats & had a nice visit

Found time-to be longwinded and make a long list

Was Not Lonely

Ok, my mom gave me the book I read this week.  When I saw it, I told her it looked like a romance novel & yuck. (While I love my mr, I'm not into reading that stuff-and I'm not really romantic.) It's called,"Follow the River." It's an historical fiction about a woman in the prerevolutionary war era, who is living on the edges of civilization & is kidnapped by indians (their words) & escapes & makes the perilous journey home to her mr.
Along the way, seeing her baby niece's brains bashed out, giving birth, losing three children, an chief wanting to take her for a wife, almost being eaten, and oh so much more. --And mom, there was some (not much) creepy "romance" genre stuff in it--I skipped those parts.

But, I couldn't put the book down. And not because of the romance parts-because of the will to return to her home and the anguish of the family. She had a horrible lonely journey. One that I doubt (& pray) that I will never have to endure.  But I would-for my family.

Because, if I have to endure hard or lonely times, I will.
And I will find time to be longwinded,
and be thankful I had a towel and only opened the door a bit.

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  1. Wow! You are so clever how you tied the end back to your opening comment. You really are pretty good at this writing thing. -Clearly I'm not :)


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