Tuesday, August 24, 2010

18 Years. Almost.

18 years, almost.
That's how long I've not been alone for over a couple of hours at a time.
That's a long time.
(Ok, well, there have been a few days of respit here and there, but over all-most of that time has been spent in the presence of other human beings-usually the small kind.)

And now I am sitting here and I have been alone for one and one half hour so far.
It is very quiet.

Today marks the end of an era.

I'm not happy and I'm not sad.
There are weird noises in the house.
I keep getting spooked.

Little mr j. started PreK today.

Little mr b. started 5th.
The girls are out to lunch with a dear friend.
They go back to teenager school tomorrow.

I should be organizing. I should be cleaning. I should be doing something productive.
But I am not.
I am wallowing in the quiet
and getting spooked by house noises.

Little mr j. gave me permission to take a nap.
I think I will follow his suggestion.
In fact, I have been telling folks that's the plan until the end of September
and so has he.
My afternoons are booked.
Then I will be productive.

18 years is a long time.

I guess the universe heard me writing that a few days ago, because I haven't had a quiet moment since. All those few quiet hours have been filled.
I have not been alone at all.
So, new plan.

I am scheduling in an appointment every weekday afternoon-no longer booked, they are now scheduled.
I am hoping tomorrow's appt. includes that nap.
And making bread.
As of now, there are no people on the agenda.
(No offence if you are a people, I enjoy you and everything. I just need a nap. Case in point: I am so tired that I almost forgot to go pick up that cute little boy pictured above after school yesterday. Thank heavens for long parent pick up lines. He has no knowledge of my mistake.--And the tired is my own fault. I need to go to sleep earlier. Every thing has a consequense. I know.)


  1. You do need to go to sleep earlier, but then you would miss out on some of those amazing teenagers. I totally vote for a nap. I use to get them every day. I miss them. I'm going to try and schedule them back in too. :) Enjoy your 18yr reward. You deserve it!

  2. What a precious picture. Love it!

  3. Since I started reading your blog, I have enjoyed trying on your perspective. I am on the other side of your 18 years. Probably I will be alone more often, though.


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