Thursday, August 26, 2010

He wants to ride is bicycle.
He wants to ride his bike.
He wants to ride his bicycle.
He wants to ride his bike.

In a crazy long hot race.
Wearing the funniest little padded tight bummed pants
and a helmet.

So we'll wish him good luck
and tell him to be safe and have fun.
And wait at the finish.

Hey man, good luck.
(and let it be known that he loves star wars)

(I promise to share pictures later, but maybe not of the bum.)
(Bum meaning bottom/behind/tukas, not the man. He is definately not a bum.)
(I told little mr j to scoot his bum up on the chair at the eye doctor yesterday.)
(The doctor laughed out loud at me.)
(Well, not at me, but at my choice of words.)
(At least that's what he told me.)

***This song's been in my head ever since he took up this new hobby.***
***I keep playing the video over and over.***
***I like it.***


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