Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happy Blogday Little Blog

I don't know what to call this day.
Is it a birthday? Is it an anniversary?
I don't know, but when I told my mr what today was he said, "Well, Happy Blog Day."
And it fit.

One year.

So, Becoming Versed, in honor of your special day, I want to tell you how you came about & how you were named.

A year and a half ago, I started to read these things called blogs-what a world I found. (Ok-I know I was slow to find it, but it was amazing none-the-less.)  I read and enjoyed. I perused and found some I enjoyed, but thought, there has to be more than this.  Why are all these people doing this?

A continuous discussion regarding facebook and blogging was going on at my house. A certain oldest daughter of mine said, "Mom's blog, kids facebook."

Well, ok.

And then I started thinking, why not me?
And this was big, because-even though I could talk to anyone like a long lost best friend, I had become incredibly shy. Any sharing of anything of "mine" seemed very scary.  {Oh, I'm an enigma ;).}

But, why not me?
I kept having the strong feeling that this was something I was supposed to do-and an idea formed in my head.  An idea that I am happy to say, has grown well over this quick year.

Little did I know what a gift this little Becoming Versed would be to me.
I knew I was supposed to write & it's been helping me find my voice.
Who knows where this voice will travel.  If it doesn't travel far, I am ok with that.
If it does travel to parts unfamiliar, I will accept that & learn from the experience.
And enjoy.

You see those little pictures of the wonderful people over there ---->
I am very grateful to them. 
The family with somewhat anonymousness, the folks who publicly follow BV (I smile everytime I see your pictures), and those who are so awesome to come take a peek at what is going on here in less public manner--Thank you.

And now I will tell you the real reason I started BV & just know that this is how I felt at its conception and I don't know if it is totally accurate-it's just how I was seeing and feeling the world at that time:

I had become invisible. My opinions were not sought out & even if I was brave enough to speak up, I was talked over. I felt as though only one or two people really knew me. I might not have even known myself.
I think I had lost me.

I started this little thing to leave my kids and someday grandkids & someday maybe others a little record that I did exist and I did know a thing or two. I felt like I was supposed to.

A funny thing has happened.
I am more confident. 
Sometimes in real life, I speak up & voice my opinion (ok-I am really good at this in the walls of our home-it's just now that certain children are paying more attention). I'm less afraid of the world.
I feel like a real person again & like I exist.

And I even surprise myself sometimes.

So, thank you, little blog.
I am so grateful.
And as it's getting late, I will have to tell your naming story another day.
Good night.

Important information regarding the photograph at the top of this post: There have been no cakes in this house for about a month.  This is an old picture from an old celebration.
Just wanted to make sure you knew that.
I am on facebook now.
As the real me.
With the same legs.


  1. So glad you started. You're such a pleasure to read.

  2. yea, that's what on my mind too.. why not me? it's funt started blogging, and u're right.. we can voice more bravely after getting use writing on blog :)
    Nice post, happy blogday ;)

  3. Happy blog day to you
    Happy blog day to you
    Happy blog day dear BV
    Happy blog day to you

    ...and many more!

  4. You go girl! Your awesomeness radiates!

  5. Happy Blogiversary! I enjoy reading what you write. :)

    I still have trouble mentally converting "BV" to Becoming Versed, though... around these parts, BV is Burgerville. Which is an awesome place to eat, so it's cool that I associate you with them, right?

  6. Three cheers for having a voice and being heard!!

  7. I have felt the exact same way. Blogging has created a courage and an awareness of my self that I didn't have before. I am different from you in that I have always been outspoken. I would like to formally and officially apologize for the over talking. Guilty. I feel like my blog gives me direction and focus on the things that are really important to me. I loved this post.

  8. Congratulations!!!! :) That is a big day! I hope you have a great weekend!


    ~ ~

  9. Would it be cheesy for me to just say a big "ditto!" to everything already commented?! You're awesomeness just radiates, dear.

  10. what a great post. It is amazing what having an outlet like this can do for you. I LOVE your pictures. They are amazing! Happy Blog B-day!

  11. Congratulations on making it to a year. The psychology behind blogging really fascinates me too. I think it some how makes us feel like we are being heard.

    Or maybe recording our life,

    Or connecting.

    It all comes down to significance.

    Keep it going.

  12. I really like your "voice" in your writing. I, too, can relate to the joy and growth that blogging has moved in me. I hope to one day get through all of my neglected comments and emails and come back!!

    If you're ever looking for a fun, easy, satisfying Friday post, check out the Friday Fragments post at the top of my page. Saturday Sampling is also a great place to link up your favorite posts from the week (or your first year of blogging, when you probably didn't have a lot of readership.) Feel free to link up!

  13. thank you all.
    your words are treasures!
    (& they've given me more to ponder, which I love-so double thanks!)


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