"If You Really Knew Me"

You would know that I let my kids watch too much television.
Just really mostly in the summer. Rules change when school's in session.

But I almost flipped when I saw they were watching an MTV reality show---that just crossed a line.
Until I thought, "I really know them. They don't watch stuff like that."
So I sat down by them and started asking questions.
And they super-kindly asked me to be quiet
and watch the show.
So I did.
And I cried.

The website for the program describes it as "a reality version of the breakfast club."

I think (& hope) our culture is changing.
Please keep going in this direction MTV.
Please keep going in this direction world.

Side note- this week's episode (tues 10c) takes place in an OKC school-not ours, but still it's OK, so we're looking forward to it.


  1. You didn't demonstrate knowledge this time - it was wisdom. I would have made them change the channel without learning first. Way to go!

  2. I recently did a if you really knew me post base off the show as well...like you i cried while watching it with my daughter

  3. That's a very powerful show. I'm glad your kids let you watch it :)

  4. I like what your profile said in regards to knowledge.

    I wonder sometimes especially with these episodes (with "friends") if I'm actually gaining knowledge or I just think I am!


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