Tuesday, August 3, 2010

How I fell off the no sugar wagon yet again

These babies and a huckleberry shake.

Don't have a picture of the huckleberry shake, my focus was on consumption.
(And G-it's not your fault-I have free agency, I chose to break my vow, and now it's up to me to deal with the consequences.)

They were consumed on two different days. That is important for me to know that you know.

What led me to break my vow:
A beautful maple bar - the likes of which I haven't seen here in the more southern states.
(Recently, I've found out they call them longjohns here. That's why I haven't been able to find them. But, with another name, they just wouldn't taste the same.)

This -ok, these- were the best maplebars ever.
Am I saying that because of a few year's deprivation?
You can get them here.

A place run by a man, who used to be a boy, who I used to have a crush on, but then decided I liked his friend better. Who both lived in a different town than the store.
And to whom I say hello to every few years when I go there.
(And G, that's probably TMI, but you knew me when I was a teenager. It's a good thing that I've matured and I believe you've forgiven me. I want you to know I've always liked your son the best even though when we broke up the first time it's because he decided to date another girl without telling me- his "girlfriend.")

Have you ever even heard of huckleberries?
I can't decide if I like them because I like them or because of their name.

A few months before I fell this time, I was in another town, in another city in the same state & rekindled my huckleberry fantasy.  If you go to this other city, and you have a hankerin' for huckleberries or breakfast or lunch, you need to go to this place and  order the huckleberry/zucchini bread (don't you love the spelling of zucchini?) french toast.  It comes with huckleberry syrup.

Technically, it was breakfast-so I wasn't cheating that much on the no BLATANT sugar thing. And my friend and I split that and eggs, so we got some protien to help cushion the sugar effects.
(I know, I have honesty issues when it comes to sugar.)

You can find out more about huckleberries here.
But after you read that, just know that the Idaho huckleberries I am talking about are purple and tiny and don't have too many seeds. And you have to pay extra to get a huckleberry shake.
Because they are more valuable.

If you are looking to kick the no sugar habit, I reccomend going to this place.
Order a huckleberry shake, some fries and remember the fry sauce.

Side note:  As it is now almost the last of summer & I am very disappointed in myself, I will be jumping back on the no BLATANT sugar wagon.  I think I will be ok. We are not scheduled to return to Idaho for quite a long time. And it's all Idaho's fault, you know. Please wish me luck.

Here, this place, & the other place have no idea that I am talking about them and have not compensated me in anyway. But, if they wanted to talk, I might be willing to listen.

Post Edit--I made a mistake--my travels did not take me as far as my link to the breakfast place link takes you. Try going here instead. (Thanks for the heads-up, R OK!)


  1. That's a darn tough wagon to stay on...believe me, I know :)

  2. Do you realize the Moscow, ID breakfast place you meant to link actually went to Moscow, Russia? Very funny to see all the breakfast places pop up in Russian.

    More importantly, I'm glad you forgave that boy you liked the best and gave him time to come to his senses.


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