Monday, August 2, 2010

Permission to Blab

Woo Hoo- Someone gave me permission to blab.
Thanks Someone.

Someone is a crazy writer girl and let me read a couple of her manuscripts.
Which I enjoyed.
And read too quickly.

Go visit her blog (linked above).
She's very imaginative.
And creative.
She's an artist.

And she follows this blogger/writer's advice.
(And she doesn't even know it. Someone, I think you should check him out.)
If you'd like to read the first chapter of the above pictured manuscript, click here.
I am very grateful for the human connections this world affords us.
Crazy Writer Girl (and I know I am not spelling it the way she does) is a friend I've made in our most recent locale & I am getting to know blogger/writer. I am looking forward to the day (school starts in a few weeks, then I'll have some time-yay) when I can sit down and wrap my brain around his type of writing. It's extremely intriguing.


  1. Never knew I was subliminally following advice. I did read his blog though. Intriguing man!

    Thanks for the plug though. I can't wait for school. We need to hang out!

  2. I just visited Alyson's blog. She seems an energetic writer, full of spunk and ideas, life and passions. I couldn't help but join and follow her blog. I'll spend more time there right after Ramadan.

    Thanks for thinking of your fellow writers. Your kindness is not unnoticed.

    Mohamed :)


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