Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday School

Did you get the memo?
I am so excited.
I almost shouted "HALLELUJAH!"
from my seat.

But in my congregation that's not typically done.
I'm afraid I would have really disrupted the ongoings.

And that would have been bad, because the memo was regarding the disruption on the ongoings.

I was so sure they were going to call out my mr. for using his i-devise in meetings to look up things being discussed. It is a huge distraction. (But this was a worldwide memo, so really it wasn't directed at him. phew.)

But no, they announced (HALLELUJAH!) that in our main meetings, many speakers are using visual aides and excessive asking the audience to follow along in their own scriptures-so (dun, dun, dun...)

Please to not do that anymore.


Because it is a distraction & it takes away from the words that are being said.
The words that teach and inspire.

I am an early adapter.
I have followed this teaching all along.
And I am so happy the world's catching up.
(I'm typing that with a giggle in my heart-because really, who am I? I'm just me, who's always sat and listened, even when they asked us to pull out our scrips and all that and who can thankfully look past excessive visuals {really that's never been a problem in the meeting's I've attended-except once many years ago when someone pulled out a boom-box and played a country song-fitting and all that, but when teaching and speaking in Church, we should only be using Church approved materials}.)

So Hallelujah and happy day!
See you in Church
(as my grandpa used to say).


  1. You're fuh-knee!

    - comment posted from my iPad 3G

  2. I like hearing a Hallelujah now and then in our church! :)

  3. Me Laughing! I am a fast learner right along with you!


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