Saturday, September 18, 2010


(This is a picture of the sun behind a cloud. There's probably some relavance to this post, but right now I just like it and wanted to share and don't want to think too hard. It was in the sky, above my house. I think the picture would look better cropped, but I do not have that technology right now.)

Remember me?

My name is the mrs & I used to write
good things.

But I have been off
as of late
and now think
I may have it figured out.
Kind of.

I need to

I need to exercise
my body
and my

I have found time
to exercise my
And made it a priority.
Except when
the handyman is coming
or the kids need something.

I need to find time to
work that thinker.

It's been hiding in books
and brain training other
people's children.
And on facebook,
but I digress.

So, I will find the time
to work it.

Even if it means
I will miss a little sleep.
Even if it means
I must be more
organized with my precious
quiet day times.

I am going to commit
to help my little thinker,
because I don't like it when
I'm off.
It's odd.

Soon the mrs will be back.
Only better.
Fully on.


PS-I would like you to know that I did workout today. I did get all the laundry folded. I did make sure my family had something for dinner. I did remember all the September 17th deadlines that were so very ominous (and if I forgot one, oh man-I will be very sad). I caused some trouble and hopefully mopped it up. I took my vitamin. I played with children. I waited for children. I listened to children. I answered questions in person and on the phone. I watered the tree and picked up the pxxp. I played with the dog and mopped the floor. I know there's more, but this unexercised brain doesn't want keep listing, so goodbye for now. Goodbye.

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  1. I don't think you're off. I do know the feeling though, all too well. Maybe I'll go exercise my thinker. :)


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