Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Feeling Off

I wanted to give you a beautiful post.
Full of words and a picture and peace.

But I am feeling not so peaceful.
Interactions throughout the week have knocked my
calm-o-meter off center.

Did it start with the weirdness with a cashier and an interrupting trainer
at a store (not the dreaded WM) this weekend?

Was it that Sunday nap?

Is it because I'm finally managing our calendar & am actually on top of
home things?

I disagree with some of the methods little mr. b's football coach is using this year.
(my mr. is not that coach-he is only a helper this season.)
And I am keeping my mouth shut.
For now.

I thought I'd taught my children to not use their hands in anger.
From what happened last night, I guess they didn't learn.
(It involved 3 of the 4. Thank you, one who wasn't involved. I am grateful.)

Thought I'd found a great handyman.
Now I'm not so sure.
But some major jobs are done
& he's left me with more.

It's Wednesday.
I will work out tomorrow.
And things will be better.

So here's a joke
that came up at the beginning of the weirdness:

Knock, knock
Who's there?
Interrupting Cow.
Interrupting Cow. . . . .
MOOOOOOO. ----make sure you interrupt & don't let them say 'who'
(Ok, this is really much funnier when you hear it, so either say each part out loud or get someone to say it with you.)

What do you do when you feel 'off'?


  1. Work my way through it somehow. Sometimes vent to my lovely bride.

  2. Talking to you fixes lots of things for me. You are so sweet and I think you are uber wonderful.

  3. I agree with working out. A little exercise helps a whole lot of things. I think it must be our OK weather. Several people in our house are a little off this week, including me. Maybe mine is knowing I have to speak in church on Sunday. Do you think? I'll blame it on that. Until then, I do have one other surefire strategy to bring a smile to the face of anyone, guaranteed. (I should make money on this one.) Stand up and begin skipping. Then, while continuing in the aforementioned skip mode, squeeze that bum tight (with your muscles, not your hands) and try to keep skipping. Just can't be sad and do that at the same time. Go on, try it!! The more participants, the better.

  4. R & A, awww.
    Amy-it sounds hard to skip with tight bum muscles and a smile, but I will definately try it :). Good Luck Sunday!


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