Monday, September 13, 2010

Today after school:

(Ok, really it wasn't today, it was the week before last & I just hurried and typed in a couple of things.  Original text is in this color. Finally I'm getting a few minutes to sit and ponder.)

Today in the after school barrage, two phrases caught me very off gaurd:
"I have to get a twitter account for my English class."
"All the suggested historical movies for World History are rated R, but my teacher says they are all historically accurate."

We always get goofy requests at the beginning of the school year. Usually it's needing funds for different things. Well, that and glue sticks.

This year it's been $15.00. They older ones have needed $15.00 for a number of different things.
Why $15.00 this year? Other years it's been different requests for different things or amounts.

But-really, twitter & R rated movies?

Here's your need to know:
I don't do twitter. Really, my life just isn't that exciting. And I do believe in such thing as information overload. And I try to protect my family from it.

We don't watch R rated movies in our family. The line is drawn. We just don't do it.
The stuff you put in your mind stays there and has big effects, even if we don't think it does.

How we dealt:
More explanation about the twitter thing. The teacher only uses it to send messages out, doesn't get messages back-it's easier than texting or emailing for him. My child agrees with me on the twitter thing. She wasn't too thrilled, but has set up an acccount and locked it down tight. Right now I am ok with it.

The movies. Really?
We have a "Clearplay" DVR. (It's a dvr that you can set out different levels of filtering out the stuff you don't want to view.) I thought when we got it, we would use it all the time. We don't. I thought I wanted to watch all those movies that didn't agree with my rating standards and know their stories. I haven't. But, I am glad we have it, because now when the girl needs to watch one of those movies, we can set the filters & enjoy. Maybe we'll start to use it more often.
(Disclaimer: I do tend to watch the edited for TV versions of lots of movies and the dvr was a Christmas present.)

So, we're set.
Except I need to remember to write the checks for picture days this week.
And there's something else they needed-can't remember right now, but it will come-probably in the middle of the night and I will forget it again.

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  1. Hmm.
    I don't twitter either. Seems like an odd request. I'm wondering how I woud feel about it if it were my child. Not sure.


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