Friday, October 8, 2010

Last Summer Days

I've been outside a lot this week
soaking in our last pleasant days of
summer weather.

I haven't been inside
or thinking of things to write.
I've just been enjoying
where I am
while I am there.

In honor of this
beautiful week,
I am giving you a picture
of the only place in the
world where I
can completely relax
(and also my son's 10 toes).


  1. Love the toes. :) Where was this picture taken...your special relaxing place? Boise, maybe?

  2. That's my favorite place to relax too. Great starry nights, lots of wildlife, no multi-lane freeways - just peace and quiet.

    Great picture Lissa! You have a great eye for photos.

  3. Absolutely stunning location and the picture too :)

  4. Oh, it is a beautiful place!
    GT, it's in northern Idaho-I think you know who lives there;).

  5. What a great picture! Beautiful!!!


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