Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday School/Happy Halloween

Our area celebrated Halloween last night.
Woo Hoo for that!
little mr. j's PreK teacher,
(Here at our little school, if you call it Pre School, nobody will realize you are talking about that little class at the school-they think you are talking about somewhere else. I found that out on Friday)
realized that Halloween falls on a Monday next year.
She's not very excited about that.
I think she'd like to ask for it to be changed.
I love that our city passed an ordinance to celebrate it on Saturday this year.
It's 9pm on Sunday night and no one's come around.

Now, last night was a whole different story.
We were busy.

Lots of kids.

Lots of candy.

Lots of fun.

Here's little mr. j's favorite take of the night (and it's not candy), he's been wearing them all around.
Except for church and to eat and he finally let me wash them when I was doing the dishes.

We had friends come over for dinner before they all went out trick or treating.
We had two of little mr. b's friend's families
one of little mr. j's friend's family.
The families are our friends, too.
It was fun.
miss s declined to invite anyone-she had had a busy day.
miss h had a few friends coming and going.

One of our mom friends and I were talking
and she said she didn't know if Mormons celebrated Halloween or not
so when her boys (she has twins that are little mr. b is friends)
talked about going around the neighborhood with little mr. b,
she didn't know what to say.
Fortunately, the boys talked and they figured things out.

So, here's your Sunday School lesson for today:
Some Mormons celebrate Halloween.
It's a personal decision.
And in what I've seen, it's really most of us, not just some.

Favorite quote of the night:
little mr. j has a good friend named Luke.
He dressed up as Darth Vader.
little mr. J as "Luke Skywalker, Rebel Pilot."
little mr. j  and Luke faced each other,
and put their hands on each other's shoulders.
Here is what was said:
little mr. j, "Luke, I am your father."
Friend Luke, "No, I am your father."
little mr. j, "No, I am your father."
Friend Luke, "No, I am your father."
"I am your father."
"I am your father."

I missed it, but the family tells me it was very cute.
They used the Darth voice and everything.
I was hoping my mr. or Luke's dad would have stepped in and said,
"I am your father."
That would have been funny.

Now, more pictures:

Here are the older kids watching and waiting for their turn in the school's costume parade.
You can do a where's waldo here if you want,
but please use no names.

And God came to the parade.
When I pointed Him out to my mr.,
my mr. said,
"little mr. j said he would be here."
He led the parade ahead of my "Luke, Rebel Pilot."

I know it's a bad picture, but  really, it's the only one I had
and I had to have you see Him,
you know, because it's Sunday.


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  1. It was also funny watching the "Lukes" cross lightsabers during pictures. What funny boys!


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