Thursday, November 4, 2010

Harshing on myself

I am having a really hard time with getting on here and writing anything lately.
I love to write.
I love to do this.
I know there are a few of you who come to read. Not a lot, but a few.
I love that but it scares me incredibly.
I'd love to have more readers, but the thought of more people paying attention makes my ideas freeze up.

I'm insecure about the things I put "out there."
I've been to quite a few events in the last few weeks.
The thoughts in my brain have been: "Sit back and be quiet, enjoy the people around you, put on your manners, ask about them"-anything to have any attention focused my way diverted.

Maybe I'm going through another "shy attact.'
Maybe I really am a perfectionist (I claim I'm not) who is afraid of putting something "out there" that isn't just what I think it should be. (And with all my grammer killing and typos, am I really a perfectionist?)
Maybe by putting this "out there," I can jump start out of the silly place my brain has been in over the past few weeks.

I need to get over myself.
This is my happy place.
It's ok to be me.
If other people don't like it, they won't visit and if they do visit, they won't come back.
Readers or not, I am happy here. It's making me a better person.

So, here's what I'm going to do:
Set a goal-two quality posts a week.
Set a goal-find one way a week to put myself "out there."
Set a goal-find specific time to get on the blog, because the tug of my work in other areas of my life is very easy to give in to and hide in and if I don't do this, my time won't happen.

Thanks for putting up with my early morning self therapy.
I appreciate your patience.


  1. Wow! Interesting insights from one of the better and more clever blogs I've read. Looking forward to future posts. It takes a lot of courage to put yourself "out there" and I admire what you're doing.

  2. You just put into words exactly how I feel at times and the reasons why. Here's to you achieving your goals!!!

  3. You need to get over the insecurities and write whatever you want, whenever you want and feel no shame...don't ever hesitate or think twice about what you want to do. NO ONE can or should make you feel a certain way. I want to hear more, see more from you. I want truth....and I want to see more headers...I love making huh:)

  4. In the beginning, I had many doubts about putting myself out there. But then I decided that I LOVE to write and communicate.... so I just gave in and went with it. And the creativity has come so much easier.... I figure if someone doesn't like what they read, they can stop reading. My family knows all about me and my life so there are no secrets... and they are the only ones that I ever really worried about.

  5. Write for yourself, write from your heart. To heck with what "they" think (unless, of course, it's instructive and can help you become a better writer).


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